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Our Services

Leasing Services

When you hire Duvernay Properties to lease your property, we will:

  • Obtain photographs of your property
  • Obtain a completed written application from interested possible tenants
  • Obtain all lease signatures and facilitate the move-in of your new tenant
  • Advertise your property on a wide range of internet sites as well as our own website
  • Check employment references, obtain income verification, and contact prior landlords of tenant candidates
  • Discuss with you any cosmetic changes that will enable your property to be competitive in the local rental market
  • Field all inquiries from interested prospective tenants and meet with appropriate candidates to view the property
  • Do a complete background check on potential tenants, provide the results to you for your review and decision making, and offer input if requested by you.
  • Meet with you to tour your property and discuss what, if any, steps need to be taken to ensure compliance with federal, state, and local regulations for rental property.

Management Services

At Duvernay Properties, we provide our clients with a full range of ongoing management services for their rental properties. These services include:

  • Records retention
  • Supervising the work of vendors
  • Receiving monthly rent checks from tenants
  • Performing a move-in and move-out inspection of your property
  • Providing a year-end statement of income and expense for your property
  • Coordinating with vendors for the completion of owner-approved repairs
  • Obtaining owner approval for repairs to be performed by qualified vendors
  • Issuing payment to vendors and subsequently passing the cost along to the owner
  • Providing proof of our payment made to vendors along with a copy of the “paid” invoice
  • After inspecting the property upon move-out of the tenant, return of appropriate security deposit amount to exiting tenants
  • Interfacing with tenants on all questions and matters involving maintenance of the property while keeping you apprised of issues as they arise
  • Receiving and depositing the security deposit check from incoming tenants. As required by law, we maintain a separate bank account which is used exclusively as a repository for security deposit funds.
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